dollprincess13 (dollprincess13) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DT/DS : Emily Temple Cute for Angelic Pretty or BTSSB!

Im offering my ETC Jam-Jar dress up for trade.
Id like to get back to my OTT style and for that i need PINK!!
My feedback page is here, but its new so here is feedback on my LJ page

Im shipping from the Netherlands ^^
shipping is not included in the price
im not responsible for loss in the post,its the responsibillity of the postoffice
for extra information or shipping cost, just ask :)

Price for buying : 135 euro


Im interested in ANYTHING sweet. so i doesn't have to be a dress. im also looking for Knits, jewelery, etc.
Just NO SKIRTS since they don't look good on me at all XD

Here are some examples but feel free to offer me other things ^^
i also loooove the Babydoll jumpers from BTSSB (couldn;t find a good stock picture though)


It can have frils, or prints, doesn't matter,show me what you got :)

Thanks for looking <3
Tags: !dt, angelic pretty, emily temple cute

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