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DS/DT H.Jelly Plaid Skirt, DS SS Pink X Pink Wonder Party Socks

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Important Information:
  • In order to avoid PP fees, you may pay by making it a gift on Paypal. Please place your address in the comments/notes section or send it to my through PM on LJ.
  • I ship by priority mail, however I am willing to go a different route based off your needes.
  • I will ship internationally but if it requires a large sum of money for shipping, I really need to wait until the money has come through from Paypal to my bank account prior to shipping (I really don't have a lot of extra cash to spare). In the event you need it urgently, I will work something out with you.
  • Items come from a pet free/smoke free home.
  • If you are in the Bay Area and would like to do a pick up versus shipping, I am open to it but please be aware that you will need to come to my general area as I do not have a vehicle beyond my bike + VTA.

Secret Shop Pink x Pink Wonder Party Socks SOLD
$12 shipped in US

These are brand new with the exception of having been tried on. Really cute socks but they just don't fit my normal style.

H.Jelly Red Plaid Skirt
(Up for Trade as well)
$50.70 shipped in US for DS

This is a gorgeous skirt which I bought of the community a while back but I simply can't fit it into my wardrobe. The skirt can go up to approximately 40 inches due to the elastic waist band. It is an extremely full skirt and has a spider web looking material laying over it.

I am currently on the hunt for this h.jelly skirt. If you are interested in trading, or even a partial trade in which I will pay a bit more + send you the skirt, please let me know.

I am open to offers for other h.naoto/putumayo/ punk brands, in particular tops/jackets. My measurements are
39" bust
29" waist

Tags: !ds, !dt, h.naoto, secret shop

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