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WTB: Sweet accessories & shoes

Sweet lolita looking for the following items!
Feedback: here

① Short sleeved white blouse
② OTK Socks - Red x White/ Red x Pink/ Strawberry/ Cherry/Pink x White Stripes!!! Looking for white or pink AP Milky Berry socks in particular.
③ AP Milky Berry headbow in Pink
④ Headbow in Red x White/Pink - I love stripes
⑤ Wristcuffs: Red x White & Pink x White
⑥ Accessories! Mainly any other head accessories (hair clips) or necklaces or bracelets.. I love strawberries (mainly looking for these), candies, lollipops, bunnies, stripes, etc & my favorite color is pink.. offer away!!
⑦ Light Pink and Lavender Tea Party shoes (US 7.5 or 24cm)

Other Info:
★I live in LA County and prefer US sellers.
☆Brand is preferred, but if the quality is nice, I will consider off-brand (especially accessories)
★Hand-made items are welcome~ although I think I've seen most sites ^^;;
☆I'm very small (weight-wise). So if you are going to offer me a blouse, I am a US XXS.. super skinny with no bust (TAT);; (I'm unable to gain weight..)
★My wrists are super small as well. (5.5in, 14cm - I have a hard time finding bracelets?)

I am also looking to sell or trade my AP Classical Rose JSK in Pink (reduced) here.
Thanks for looking!
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