krysrussell14 (krysrussell14) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTT/DS Bodyline Pink Carousel Skirt & Bag


+ I prefer to ship in the US but will ship internationally
+ Paypal and shipping not included
+ Only ask questions if you are really interested
+ I take very good care of all my clothing
+ Paypal is preferred 

So i recently got the Bodyline Carousel skirt in M pink to realize that i like jsks a LOT more than skirts for some reason. So here i have the skirt, detatchable bow, and matching bag. All are still in great condition and have only been worn to one photoshoot. I will look at trades more than selling, but give me an offer and i will consider it ^-^ 

I realize now that the bag isnt in the picture, but i can take a picture if you like. ^-^
Tags: !ds, bodyline

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