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Mel Bell

DS: BL heartbuckles, offbrand socks, hair accessories

Hello! Hope everyone's had a good week so far! Here are a few things I need to get rid of. :)

-All sales in USD
-Paypal ONLY
-Item goes to first person to give me their paypal
-If you feel an item is priced wrong, please feel free to make an offer
-No holds
-Selling to USA only, sorry, no international
-Price includes shipping and delivery confirmation (If you do not want delivery confirmation, please let me know and I can remove that from the price.)
-My feedback is here:
** Still accepting offers! **

This is my proof:

On to the Sale!

1) Bodyline Heart Buckle Shoes, Pink Enamel, Size 25cm

I bought these for a coord I never wore and ended up selling, so these need to go to someone who will use them. Tried on once. Unused condition. These are sold out for this size on the site.
$25 OBO

2) Offbrand Strawberry Socks

I bought these to match a dress but the dress was actually a bit too dark to match these, so I never wore them. Tried on once.
$12 OBO

3) Hair "extensions"

Similarly bought these for an outfit I never ended up wearing. Silly me I took the plastic off of them, but I will make sure they are wrapped up in plastic and protected when I ship. I bought them for $10. Please make me an offer.

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand
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