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DS/DT: 4 Week Repost With Some Reduced Prices and 1 New Item

◆ Personal journal feedback page: (+28/0/-0)
eglfeedback page: (+15/0/-0)

I accept only non-debit/non-CC Paypal. I will screen Paypal addresses after payment for safety reasons. Paypal fees are already included in the price. :)
◆ I do not have a hold policy--my sales are first come, first serve. For this post only, I need payment within 4 hours or less!
◆ Don’t be afraid to make an offer if you feel that the price is too high. :)

Shipping and Handling:
(This is an abbreviation of my policies. For more details like transit time and insurance claims, check my feedback page above.)
I will ship via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation by default. While International shipping is available, it will cost extra (delivery confirmation is not available for USPS Priority International). Please note your country if you are an international buyer so that I may calculate shipping. Feel free to ask for a shipping quote beforehand.
◆ I offer First Class shipping to only International buyers as a cheaper alternative, but they cannot be tracked nor be insured. I’d like to request to see some feedback if you choose International First Class to ensure a safe transaction for both parties.
◆ Insurance (covers only the cost of the item) and Express shipping are available upon request for extra fee.
◆ I have not lost a package to date, but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages if you do not purchase insurance.
◆ Buyer will be responsible for customs if applicable. I can mark down the amount upon request, but beware if you’re also getting insurance.

*** I can only ship out items on Mondays and Saturdays. Any item paid for by 11PM Pacific time the night before a designated shipping day will be shipped out that shipping day. Anything after 11PM will be shipped out the next available shipping day. I apologize for any inconvenience. ***

When you’re ready to buy:
Use the form below whether you are paying the full asking price or making an offer (please note offer as well). Full asking price will get priority over offers.

Item name(s):
Paypal address:
U.S. or International buyer? (if international, note country):

Metamorphose Berry Stripe off-white/cream JSK [USED like new] --- $200 including S&H to U.S. SOLD TO zlato_lolita
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 29" bust at rest, 48" bust max approximately (the gathered bust style makes it difficult to get the accurate measurement--it may be a few inches off), 29" waist at rest, 36" waist max approximately, partial shirring in back. Beware that these are amateur measurements, and stretching to the max measurements may not look flattering.
◆ I bought this used, in like new condition, and have only tried it on myself. I can’t spot any color bleeding--really great condition! This will come with the thin pannier that originally came to me with this dress (not pictured). Would go well with the red Baby headband in a more casual outfit. :)
◆ Victorian Maiden clear file novelty [NEW] included as a FREE GIFT!
◆ 12 1/4 inch x 8 5/8 inch (28cm x 22cm), easily fits 8.5 x 11 inch paper
◆ Has not been used at all! One side is the photo, the other side is just plain clear plastic.

BTSSB pink x white bow plastic headband [USED like new] --- $42 $38 $30 including S&H to U.S.
Baby, the Stars Shine bright pink white gingham plastic kachusha
More pictures of this item here:
◆ Worn once briefly. I can’t find any scratches or whatnot; great condition. Great for casual and everyday wear.

BTSSB red bow plastic headband [USED, some markings] --- $36 $32 $26 including S&H to U.S.
*** Add this headband to the AP Sweet Jam set for only $18 ***
Baby, the Stars Shine bright red gingham plastic kachushaBaby, the Stars Shine Bright red gingham plastic kachusha bow damage details
More pictures of this item here:
◆ Worn twice briefly. However, there are some sort of scratch/markings that I don’t know where they came from. I tried to wipe it clean, but it seems to be a friction-type marking that won’t disappear. One is to the left of the middle of the bow, another on the right side of the bow around the letters “Baby,” also the corner below that, and finally on the band right below the bow’s edge (all four circled in photo above). You can’t tell it’s there at first sight, but careful inspection against light will show them. Aside from that, the headband’s in good condition. Great for casual and everyday wear.

Angelic Pretty red Sweet Jam SK and socks SET [USED like new] --- $220 including S&H to U.S.
*** Add this headband to the AP Sweet Jam set for only $18 ***
Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam red SK
Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam pink red OTK socksAngelic Pretty Sweet Jam pink red OTK socks snag detail
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 25" waist at rest, 29~30" waist max approximately, partial shirring in back.
◆ Got this as a partial trade, but I don’t really wear sweet red items anymore. The left sock has a tiny snag on the opposite side of the print (you can see it in the center of the pic--the faint line vertical in the pic, horizontal on the sock itself--sorry, I forgot to circle it ^^;;).
◆ Off-brand Accessory lot/lucky pack [NEW and USED] included as a FREE GIFT!
Off-brand Accessory lot
Off-brand Accessory lot ring hairclip back
+Plastic strawberry pierced earrings [NEW]
+Surgical steel butterfly pierced earrings [NEW] originally 1365yen
+Plastic blue bead stretch bracelet [USED]
+Plastic hot pink rose adjustable ring [USED]
+White furry pompom with plastic gold bow and stretch pearl bracelet phone strap [NEW]
+White furry bow with black bow hair clip [NEW]
◆ Trying to trim down my accessory collection. The hair clip would go well with AP winter items. The stretch strand of pearls on the phone strap could be taken off to be used as a bracelet, or left on as a sort of a handle.

Angelic Pretty peter-pan collar and bow-tie black blouse [USED in great condition] --- $70 including S&H to U.S. SOLD TO kaisora
More pictures of this item here (stock pic is of the white version, but mine is BLACK):
◆ 36" bust, 30.5" waist, no shirring, bow tie removable by unbuttoning
◆ I bought this used from a seller here on impulse, and haven’t even tried it on yet. It has cute rhinestones on the bow tie and adorable heart buttons.

I will trade/partial-trade for :
◆ AATP wolf muffler in white or black
◆ AP Jewelry Jelly heart ring in any color (this one’s more like a WTB ^^;;)
◆ Secret Shop Tea Party in L, pink and black. More specifically, the traditional pair without rhinestones and heart cutouts

Or something from my wish list here:

I will also consider offers on DS on this dress because I am desperate to gather funds right now -- PM or comment your price.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Stained Glass detachable sleeves off-white/cream OP [USED like new]
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 恋月姫ステンド天使柄 white OP
More pictures of this item here:
◆ 34" bust, 28" waist, no shirring
◆ I bought this used, in like new condition, and have only tried on once myself. I love this print so much, but I’ve been itching for a new print lately so I’m putting this up for trade.

I’m taking offers on all items in my old sales post here:

Thanks for looking, and feel free to ask any questions or make offers!

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