Fire (fire) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Light-weight/chiffon black or white blouse, Circus-themed headdress

Black or Stark White Blouse:
Can be short or long-sleeved, but I'm specifically looking for something very lightweight, like chiffon, and preferably more on the goth/classic side than sweet. The goal here is to keep cool.

Something like this would be ideal, but any lightweight material would work. My budget is $120 with a little wiggle room, but I would prefer to spend less, if possible. My measurements are:

Bust: 36"
Waist: 28"

Circus-themed Headdress:
I'm also looking for a headdress to go with my Halloween coordinate; the theme is "creepy circus." I don't have anything incredibly specific in mind, but it should coordinate with Circus Tutu in black:

I figure I might have to commission something for this, since the likelihood of anyone having something on-hand is low, so commissioners, feel free to speak up. My budget is preferably no more than $60.

My feedback page is here.

Thanks, guys!
Tags: !wtb

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