Jackie M (mujitsukyo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Jackie M

DS/DT: beautiful winter coat, deco and bracelets ^_^ all OBO

can be found on egl fb and on my journal

in USD 
shipping - depends where your located and the weight of the item
all of them are OBO , please feel free to make an offer but don't be crazy

Winter coat:

Sweet coat, too bad it was mad too small for me -_-' i ordered it as a 38 bust but it's more designed for 34-36 bust, waist up to 30, and hips are free, it's soo beautiful i'm so upset.  It's perfect for winter, not cheaply made at all, my price is considering also the shipping will not be cheap. new never worn ^_^ neck bow is removable. might be a baby replica i am not sure -_-' I might also trade for a winter coat that fits me, i'm only interested in black or black with a colour accent.

front ~ it's not missing buttons i just only buttoned one up.


Deco I phone covers:

i can also add you name so it looks like a birthday cake or i can leave as is. base is baby blue. ASKING 15 OBO

crazy cake
everything you could possibly think, base is pink. ASKING 15 OBO

every bead has been put on individually, this took a lot of time and work. With that in mind, it's absolutely beautiful, i almost don't wanna sell it, i wanna keep it for myself but i'm selling it neways. base is white. I don't really know what to ask for this because i have seen them sell for 100-150 dollars but i think thats a little crazy.. so reminder obo here.. ASKING 50 OBO

i do commissions as well if your interested.


10 dollar for the bow one and 8 dollars for the white/pearl one, shipping please ask about everything is brand new ^_^ they are one size fits most.

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