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SS: Fresh new shopping service from Tokyo

Hello! I am running a new shopping service from Japan called Boutique. I can do reservations and I will shop in-store and online for you. Lolita fashion is my speciality so please come to me when you want to but items from the lesser known / indie brands as well as the main ones. Of course I ship worldwide and hope to hear from you soon.

- 15% per item Web shops and In-store (This includes PayPal fee for the first 10 customers!)
- Minimum total order: ¥3000
- I accept payment via Paypal
- You can chose the shipping method which is right for you, EMS, Airmail, SAL, etc
- I have all positive feedback at the egl sales community here

Please visit my site for more info and details: Boutique
If it is more convenient for you I can also work via Livejournal.
Thank you for looking!
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