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DS: Steelboned corset, two blouses, OTK socks, pleaser shoes, human hair bangs and IW Replica Coat!

DO charge PayPal fees
Shipping WITHOUT insurances ist ALWAYS included!
I DO accpet lower offer but please stay realistic!

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Hi everyone!

I´m going to sell some things of my closet:

#1 Black steelboned underbust corset from a store in Germany
Price: 45€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED
Description: The corset is in a pretty good condition. It´s black, steelboned, it has some lacing at the back and you can close it in the font.



#3 Black longsleeved blouse from Qutieland (Never worn)
Price: 35€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED
Description: A black blouse. Never worn.
Measurments: Shoulder: 36cm-38cm Chest: 87cm - 94cm Waist: 68cm - 75cm


#4 White OTKs
Price: 10€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED
Description: White overknee socks. Worn 1-2 times.
Size: One size.


#5 Inocennt World Replica Coat
Price: 100€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED
Description: Normally I do not like Replicas but this is a really great one. It´s not that heavy, but it´s still really warm. It was custom made for me. But my measurments changed a lot since I gained much weight, anyway, it´s still fitting, so please have a look. Also please notice: The measurments I wrote down are my measurments WITHOUT clothes. They made the coat a little bit bigger, so that I could wear a pullover underneath.
Measurments: It was made for: Shoulder: 36cm Chest: 90cm Waist: 62cm BUT: It´s still fitting for my new measurments, they are: Shoulder: 36cm Chest: 103cm Waist: 76cm.... I HAVE to lose weight again xDD :(


#6 Pleasur shoes white
Price: 30€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED!
Description: White Pleasur shoes. Just worn one time around a half hour.
Size: US7 - 7.5

#7 Real human hair bangs
Price: 10€ shipping to everywhere INCLUDED!
Description: Real human hair. Just worn 1-2 times. Washed. you can dyed, curl, cut etc. it.

Thank you for having a look and sorry for my bad bad English!

Tags: !ds, indie brand, offbrand

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