usagi13chan (usagi13chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Black Lolita-lola RHS 20% off!!


- I do live in a house with animals (dogs & a cat) but they are not allowed into my room.
- I do not smoke, but my parents do, but I will make sure everything smells fresh before shipping. ^.^
- Pay pal only please.
- I'm not up for trades as of right now
- Not responsible for any packages lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.
- feedback;

Lolita-lola RHS: $ 70  $56 (Includes shipping to the US and PP fees/ Worldwide add $15)
I have to ship them in a box and they are heavy. There are a few flaws on the wood and only one small mark on the toe (not noticeable when worn) and a scuff on the back of the heel (also not noticeable when worn) Size: 24.5

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Tags: !ds, lolita lola

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