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DS: In the Starlight skirts, Forever 21 op, H&M blouse, handmade jsk

A couple of things first
• Shipping is free to anywhere! Everything ships first class mail via USPS. I can also add tracking upon request.
• Local buyers in the five boros are also welcome to arrange for in-person pickup/exchange.
• I accept regular and CC paypal, and paypal e-checks. To echo the previous statement, buyers in the five boros can also arrange to pay cash or check in person. In the case of checks and e-checks, the item does not ship until the payment clears.
• My feedback page is here!
• All pictures are taken on a size 10 Wolf form 1986, meaning a 28" waist and 38" bust; measurements will still be listed, especially for items that are clearly too big for the form. (Also, I forgot to bring a petticoat to school with me that day and I wasn't wearing one either, so the only "petti" in these photos is the white 3-tier skirt, sorry, lol.)
• I have nosy cats in my home, but I do my best to keep them away from my items. All items are freshly laundered and steamed (despite some of these photos), and will come with wash instructions if necessary. Some items may experience a little bit of wrinkling during shipment; if so, just give it a quick extra bit of steaming and it will be fine.


1. In the Starlight red eyelet skirt, $30

The eyelet skirt was a classic ITS item, but it has never really fit me because I was stupid and ordered smaller, with the idea I would continue losing weight and shrink into it in time. The cotton is 100% brushed cotton twill, and I would say I've worn this item just this once.
Waist: 27"-31" MAX; I have a 32" waist in the photo above and it was giving me slight muffin top.
Length: 20"


2. In the Starlight white 3-tier ruffle skirt, $30

(Has DEFINITELY seem more steaming since this photo.) Pretty simple white skirt, meant as a "replica without lace" of a super-basic Baby skirt back in the day. Same issue with ordering too small, even though I hate to let it go. No pictures of it worn that I can find in my own albums, but if your hips cannot lie, the way mine were when I wore a corset, it really does make for a great petticoat.
Waist: 27"-31" MAX
Length: 20"

3. H&M black blouse, size 12, $25

Pretty self-explanatory. One of those nice H&M finds where it's not just "lolitable," it's "this will blend into my lolita outfit just fine." Like so, except ignore the boots, lol. I wasn't doing a real... lolita thing, that day.
Bust: Up to 40"
Waist: Up to 32" or 33"
Hips: Probably no more than 40" or 41" (not that it matters tucked into a skirt or jsk)
Sleeve cuffs: Up to 13", possibly 13.5"


4. Handmade bxw jumperskirt with pearls, $60

The first lolita garment I ever made, and then altered to be better than that. The body is cotton broadcloth, and the lining in the bodice and straps are as well. The skirt is unlined. The back is shirred, and there are a total of three lines of shirring in the front bodice (the third one is under the wide lace). The pearls are glass Toho Shoji pearls, similar to what AP uses, and if I were tacky I would have popped them off before selling them, lol. The straps are elasticated, making this friendly to a small variety of heights. This is how it looks worn when you have a 35" waist, which I would say is probably the max waist measurement for this. (The bows were detachable and I got rid of them because they made no design sense, being music-printed).
Bust: 38"-43"
Waist: 30"-35"
Skirt length: 20"

5. Forever 21 black onepiece, size L, $30

Goodbye, sweet prince. Back in the day I worked my ass off to get into this dress, and I did. It's fully lined, with a double layered skirt to boot, with eyelet lace underneath and eyelet cotton for the body of the dress. The fit is a little hourglass, typical of F21, so I never quite filled out the bust when I could actually fit into the waist, but a blouse can cover up that cleavage, and rather cutely.
Bust: Up to 40"
Waist: 28"-32" (a bit tight at 32", but not so much you can't wear this to the buffet, lol)
Skirt length: 19"-20"
Sleeve cuff: 11"-12"


Thanks for looking! ♥
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