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DS/DT Meta Bag, Algonquins, Bodyline, offbrand + WTB:Kira Imai/Lolita Art+Btssb collabs

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html

(!) Pls click the picture, if you want to get a larger image ^^
(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls contact me for any info on shipping rates etc.
(!) I am open for (partial) trades, especially for items from my wishlist
(!) First Lolita clearly committing to buy and leaving her Paypal will get the item ^-^

My little Baby doll will act as proof again...♥

1. I'm looking for all kinds of artworks and goodies by Kira Imai, especially her artbook found the book & strap - thanks so much^^. I'm also interested in all kinds of lolita artworks. Please just show me, what you hve to offer. Here are just some examples:

2. I'm also desperately looking for a Btssb x Charmmy Kitty plush and other collab items, like AatP x Gloomy Bear. Here are again some examples:



Metamorphose Black Swan tote, used but still in very good condition, has a slight/tiny white stain on it, but this will surely vanish after washing, $ 25 Sold to milkycircus

Algonquins suspender skirt, bought here on EGL but never got the chance to wear this awesome skirt, total length = 52 cm w/out the suspenders, waist from 36-42 cm in width (it's a stretchy material), $ 50

Algonquins Purse/Belt pouch, can be worn in 2 different styles, high quality cloth and lots of compartments to keep all your belongings safe, very good condition, $ 39

Offbrand Sailor Set: Skirt, Tie & matching tote bag, this was handmade, excellent condition (sorry for the bad pics, I don't have a nice blouse around to show a full outfit at the moment^^;), flat(!) measurements of the skirt: waist up to 48 cm in width (contains a rubber band), total length = 62 cm, prefer to sell as a set for $ 40 Sold to em_jh

HBG pouch set: 3 different styles and sizes, new & unused, $ 19

Cute Bunny plush keychain, new w/ tag, $ 6

Lovely Winter Coat by ALGONQUINS, still incl. extra Buttons, free-size, $ 69 $ 55 Full trade with spinel_lady

cute offbrand Backpack, I'm the first owner, bought new here on EGL Sales, used just a couple of times, $ 29 $ 23 Sold to em_jh

One Green Elephant Japan knitted/laced Cardigan, worn just once, original retailing for 59 €/US $ 82 / will sell for $ 35 $ 28

Alice OTK Socks, brand new - only tried on one of them, $ 19, $ 15 $ 12

Bodyline Neko plush bag, new w/ tags, $ 15, $ 12 $ 9.60

If you have any questions, pls feel free to PM me.♥

Older sales can be found here:
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