silverstar101 (silverstar101) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BTSSB, Bodyline, Secret Shop

Location: California, USA
Payment Method:
Paypal only please.
Feedback: Ebay EGL

All items include shipping. Items purchased today will be shipped out on Monday or Tuesday.
You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge image.

Secret Shop Socks (Pink) NWT : $18 US / $23 INTL

Bodyline Floral Jsk (light purple) NWT : $35 US / $40 INTL
Measurements (from site) :
Back center of length 92cm
Bust 84-92cm
Waist 65-75cm

More detailed shots : Bodice||Back||Print
(this also has button holes in the straps to adjust length slightly; does come with headbow just not photographed)

Some more items that I have for sale :
Bodyline Cake Jsk in Black $35 US | $42 INTL
BTSSB Lucky Pack Items
Pink, Auburn, and Multi-coloured Wigs
Tags: !ds, bodyline, secret shop

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