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DS: AP Tricky Night, Alice Auaa, H.naoto, Sixh., GRAMM, Hangry & Angry, Swimmer, Algonquins+

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Paypal Accepted.
No returns/All sales final.
Offers are OK but first to pay full price will get priority on items.

HOLD POLICY: I will ONLY hold if you put a deposit down. This deposit is non-refundable. I do not do returns. So if you are sure you want the item, this option is for you. I am willing to take multiple payments if you cannot afford one down payment. You must finish paying before the item is shipped. I have had successful transactions in this manner and am willing to work with buyers to get the items they want. ONLY buyers with positive feedback allowed. All transactions must be at minimum $100 to use this option.

By default, shipping within US will be First class. Shipping internationally will be airmail. If you want Priority mail or EMS, please state that when ordering.

Comment below with any questions! Thanks! ♥

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If you right click and "View Image" the images will be larger :3

Sheer Black Alice Auaa Slit-Back Blouse $125 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Only tried on. Bought second hand, but looks like new (inspected for any rips/defects). Sorry for the bad photos, you can see the actual construction of this blouse in white on closet child. Original retail price is over $200. This is a rare piece from a collection that is no longer available. Sizing is pretty much free. But go by the measurements on the closet child website for guidelines.

H.naoto GRAMM Greyish-Lavender Lace One Piece $150 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Never worn, only tried on. Bought in Japan. Gorgeous one piece covered in lace. It's got a lot of ruffles for volume at the bottom. It's fairly free sized. I would recommend that your shoulder width be no more than 15" and that you have medium/slim arms (it does not stretch in the arms, but I am average and can fit into it fine).

GOUK Pink x Grey x Black Cherry Blossom Halter Dress $99 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Never worn, only taken out of package and tried on. It's a gorgeous piece that is a lot more graphic than other gouk pieces. It's great for everyday wear layered with pants and a cardigan and a tank underneath. Or it would rock during the hot summers :) It's a stretchy material but fits up to around 37" bust and 32" waist. But can fit smaller with the cinching ribbon.

Angelic Pretty Tricky Night Bracelet in Purple $45 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Super rare item from Angelic Pretty. Sold out almost immediately. I paid $60 for this and it ended up snapping at the bat wing between the G and E in Angelic. It has been glued back sturdily so that this won't happen again. It's slightly noticable, but if you're not looking up close, it's hard to notice.

H.naoto Pink x Black Gloves $45 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Worn on and off two winters ago. Otherwise it's been stored and never really worn. But it still has life left! This is from vintage H.naoto~ it's comfy and warm for the fall/winter. Goes up about mid-way between your wrist and elbow. No major flaws, just has signs of wear.

Sixh. Mint Cat Scrunchy Black x White $29 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Never worn. Brand new. No tags. It's a scrunchy and it's cute. Can be worn as a bracelet too. :3

H.naoto Fashion Show Stockings - Pink x White $30 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee
Never worn, only taken out of package and tried on.

GRAMM Messenger Bag (Summer 2010 Collection) $99 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee

Brand new! Never used! Just received it and it wasn't exactly what I wanted. It's a great bag, it's not huge- but it's not tiny either. Would fit a 13" laptop in it. :)

Sixh. Fur Sling Backpack $88 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee

Like new! No wear whatsoever! Surprisingly large + spacious but also really cool looking :D

H.naoto Hangry Coin Purse and Keychain and Candy Hairtie Set $12 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee

Brand New.

Peace Now Skirt $45 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee

Like new! Only tried on. Up to 33" waist.

H.naoto Hangry & Angry Demon Hoodie (Summer 2010 Collection) $89 or best offer + shipping + pp-fee

Like new! Only worn once. Free in size. Great for Halloween!

H.naoto GRAMM Lavender Corset Top $99 + shipping + pp-fee

Bought new at the H.naoto in Tokyo- Regular retail is $150+ worn once. It has a beautiful lavender dye on it- though it's hard to see in the photo. It's got shirring on both sides and only accommodates up to 35" in the bust and 32" in the waist MAX. If you're smaller than that, it would work well :)

Banana Fish Punky Track Jacket $35 + shipping + pp-fee

Super awesome track jacket! Bought used from closet-child! but very very good condition. Parts of the metallic stripes are fraying a tiny bit, but it's definitely not anything wrong with the make of the item. This is definitely a size SM- I would be keeping it if it wasn't so tiny and tight. I would recommend of those who are only give or take a few inches from 30" in the bust and waist. No higher than 32" in the bust/waist will be comfortable.

Algonquins Collared Pink Crown Top $45 + shipping + pp-fee

Worn once or twice- Bust up to 38" Max

Takemoto Novala x BTSSB Limited Edition Mad Tea Party Plate $30 + shipping + pp-fee

Brand new in original packaging. Gold plated lettering and numbers! VERY LIMITED and from at least 3 years ago. Probably longer~ Perfect lolita collectible.

Gothic Bones Ring $50 + shipping + pp-fee

Used but in great condition. Size 9 US ring. Gorgeous casted bones (spine, hip, etc.) Sterling silver. Original over $90.

Spoon and Fork Earrings $7 + shipping + pp-fee

Swimmer Piano Cat Fan $7 + shipping + pp-fee

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