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DS: Honey Picnic, G&L Bible vol. 37

Hello, I'm in need of money again, so it's time for me to let some items go. ;3;

Here's my feedback from eglfeedback and my personal journal.

~Shipping from CA, USA
~Shipping prices included ONLY for U.S. residents (include envelopes + shipping fees); International buyers must ask for shipping quotes; I will not ship to Italy
~I have the right to refuse to sell to those with negative feedback
~I will not accept trades because I need money right now
~Please provide link to your feedbacks so I know you're not a suspicious buyer
~Items were inspected to the best of my ability, and once they leave my hands, I'm no longer responsible (no returns, no refunds, no exchanges, etc.)

~I only accept Paypal, and currency is in USD

Those with Priority:
~U.S. residents have absolute priority
~First person to leave their Paypal gets the item
~Highest offer gets item

Metamorphose Honey Picnic Set (Lavender) - $350 SHIPPED (includes Priority Delivery + Delivery Confirmation + Insurance)

Set includes: JSK, headbow, socks, and metamorphose catalog (not pictured)
I will not split this set unless I have multiple buyers interested.

I have to say that I originally paid $387 for this whole set including EMS Shipping straight from the online store. I never wore this set, and I never got the chance to. EVERYTHING IS NEW. I'm very reluctant to let this go, and I will NOT take any lower offers than this.
Also for any International buyers that want to buy this, I will ONLY use EMS method and it will be very expensive. I will not budge using a different mailing method for fear of losing it.

Free Gift:
Handmade ring by yumyumyum 

Only tried on a couple of times, so in new condition. :D

Gothic&Lolita Bible: Volume 37 - $20 SHIPPED

I just bought this a few months ago, and I'm kind of upset to let it go because the pages are amazing and the models beautiful to look at. Stickers are still attached. Will not budge with this price.

I will be back in 4 hours.
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