chandni_sky (chandni_sky) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Hair/Pony Tail/Drawstring Pony

Click Here (URL: )
Location: North Carolina, USA
Payment and Shipping: I use paypal. I always want shipping confirmation if possible.

        +  I am looking for a  dark brown pony tail clip/Drawstring pony, preferably curly to wear with one of my Kuro coordinates.

        +   My hair is currently shoulder length, so I am wishing to find something that will extend past my shoulders. As it is so very difficult to match colors, please provide the best lighting shots possible, if you have them. I am open to different fullnesses, lengths (as long as it's longer than my current hair, of course. I Will be wearing the pony in a "side style"), and different levels of curliness.

        +   I may also me interested in seeing small black clip in ribbons or bows,or whatnot,  to further decorate.

Thank you very much!
Tags: !wtb

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