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&hearts My feedback is here:
&hearts At this time I'd really prefer to trade.
&hearts I'm at the UK on standard GMT time. If I'm not replying is because I'm sleeping.

Hello everyone! I would like to trade a lovely Metamorphose jumperskirt. I got it in the last New Year's Lucky Pack I believe, and it is a bit of an unusual jsk, as I seldom see anyone wearing it or selling it. It's a lovely shade of pink, the picture of me wearing it shows the colour best. The lovely lace trim has crosses and roses on it, and has a detachable bow. The waist ties are also removable, and the straps are adjustable. It has back shirring. I don't like how the dress looks on me, I personally find it a bit too long, but some people like it that way. For reference I'm 1.65m (around 5'5 I think). I have only wore it once. Dress comes from a pet-free, smoke-free house.

Amateur Measurements:

Total length (from top of the bodice to the lace hem): 87,5cm
Bodice length: 26,5cm
skirt length: 62cm
Bust: 88-110cm
Waist: 71-100cm

The dress

Lace detail

Proof of ownership: me wearing it

I would like to trade preferentially for another dress, but may be OK with trading it for a skirt or a blouse. I'm okay with any colours except blue, green (mint is OK) or yellow. Brand preferred, offbrand is okay if of good quality. No Bodyline please.

Show me what you have!
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