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Goth/Punk Loli Boots, Black Blouse, Black & Pink Socks!

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I ship from Portland, Maine, United States.
I have a cat, see below.
Please pay with Paypal.
Not too interested in trades, but don't be afraid to try.

T.U.K. Skull Buckle Ankle Boots

$30 USD + Shipping

Endless Page for these boots, for more info and pictures.

I have two pairs of these boots, marked size 8 and a size 9. They are reputed to run small however, so I'd reccomend size 8 for 6.5-7.5, and size 9 for 7.5-8.5. Other than that, they are really quite nice, and are made of real leather. They have a zipper on the inside, so you can put them on without messing with the buckles.

Shipping might be a bit on these, they are a little on the heavey side with the thick rubber sole.

Black Bodyline Blouse, size M

$20 USD + Shipping


without bow


The lace on the front of this blouse is soft, almost cluny like, and the design is not too overdone. The blouse fit me well, except the top part of the sleeves (where the puff attaches to the straight bit) was a little tight when I moved my arms. My arms are about 28cm/11in around. 

Bodyline Pink and Black Socks
$6 USD + Shipping


pink detail

The pattern on these socks caught my eye, and I bought them, thinking that they were grey and black. But be it due to my moniter settings, or my eyesight, the design is actually pink. See second photo. XD I'm sure they would go perfect with a sweet print on a black background, but they aren't quite my style. I bought another pair of socks, and those fit wonderfully even on my slightly muscular and long longs, and they still came up over the knee. Hooray!

Thanks for looking!

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