Dashiana (dashiana) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Sweet jewelry and chocomint starclip! (urgent!)


x I'm not interested in classic or gothic style jewelry at the moment.
x I have feedback at eBay, eglfeedback and my personal journal .
x I'm located in Finland.

Hello EGL! I'm looking for some Chocomint style sweet jewelry (bracelets/bangles and rings and bowclip(s) to wear with my big headbow) to wear at the annual book fair held on the last weekend of this month. I'm planning on wearing black and pink (not hotpink), so I would like to have some jewelry to mach. Show me what you've got! I'm willing to look at handmade, brand and offbrand.

And, even though I know I might be asking for too much, I'm looking for the Chocomint starclip in pink! :) (FOUND!)


Tags: !wtb

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