camelie_fiolere_sales (camelie_sales) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Two Bags (Swimmer, Offbrand)

I have to make some room for other Things, so I will star with two Bags :D

My Feedbackpage is here:
I am shipping from Germany and I accept Paypal.
For shippingcosts, please ask me.

Feel free to ask, if you have some questions ^_^

Ribbon Bag

Never used, but it has a small stain on the back
(if you want i can take a picture of it)
It has a second strap (a chain) so you can change it, like you need it :)

Measurements: 28cm x 15cm

Price: 15€

Swimmer Heartbag:

Used twice. It's huge :D!

Measurements: 27cm x 23cm

Price: 30€

Thanks a lot for looking <3

Tags: !ds, offbrand, swimmer

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