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Urgent DS: Algonquins, F+F, MM Replica, K-star Punk (mostly Plussize)

Urgent DS: Algonquins dress, K-star Punk set, MM-replica, F+F

Hey Dears,

In fact, that there is the possibility to get my dreamdress, I made a clearance for direct sale.
First come, first serve!
You are always able to make a resonable offer. Just be not shy
The paypal fees will be paid by you! The given Prices includes the 4% fees already.
But as I told already I am willingly to bargain.
I life in Germany.
Please let me know, from where you are, to inform you about the shipping costs.
And again PAYPAL ONLY!

Feel free to ask me anything you want to!

My feedback:

Thank you~

1. ALGONQUINS pink tartan Dress  SOLD

Size: L
Burst: free
Waist: 75- 80 cm max.

Hip: 100cm max

Lovely short dress! Can be opened and worn as a west too!

Never worn, just tried on, when I bought it.

Original Price: 7950 Yen

Price: 57€ + Shipping

2. F+F Black-pink ruffle-layerd Skirt

Size: L
Waist: 55~ 80cm
Length: 58cm

!Stock picture!

Wonderful poofy skirt, made of three layers and two small ribbons on the side.
The last layer is white! Not pink! It'ts so poofy that nearly no petty is needed.
Got it as a present but it's just not my style.

Price: 25€ + Shipping

3. F+F white Dress   SOLD

Size: L-XL
Burst:  110cm max.
Waist: ~ 90cm max
(can be made much smaller with the waist ties)

Hip: Free

!Stock picture!

Great Shirololita dress for bigger Lolitas. I never worn it, just tried on.
It suited me perfectly with measurements of 98-75-100.

Original Price:  64€

Price: 47€ + Shipping

4. F+F Country heavy Dress SOLD

Size: L/ XL
Burst:  95  - 110cm max
Waist: 75 - 90cm max
Hip: free

!Stock picture!

My beloved country dress!

It's made of heavy cotton and looks very elegant. It has great details.
I just had to made it on the welds a bit smalles, but that can be changed back.
Just open the new made welds.
I will sell it with a really heavy heart, cause I really love it so,
but if there is someone, who gives it a nice new home...
Worn twice.

Original price: 110€

Price: 80€ + Shipping

5. K-STAR Punk set   SOLD

Size: S/M

Burst: about 80/85 cm max.
Waist: free

Set includes:
1. Babydoll dress black, with  red tartan quillings and barbs
2. Short black bolero with long sleeves
3. Red tartan Chocker with big ribbon and peals necklace

I ordered this set, cause is just looks awesome.
Unfortunately it's much too small for me.
Perfect for punk Lolita or Visual Kei.
Never worn, new with tags.

If wou want I can make detailed photos of the seperated items.

Original Price: 11050Yen

Price: 70€ + Shipping

6. Mary Magdalene Replica SOLD

Size: M/L

Burst: about 95 - 95cm
Waist: ~80cm max
(can be made much smaller with the waist ties)
Hips: Free

It's actually an offbrand dress from the USA.
I love this dress, but I have already two other dresses in the same style as brand.
The collar and sleeveends are actually offwhite/ beige.
So very rare and beautyfull.
Never worn. New without tags.

Original Price: 68$ USD

Price:  47€ + Shipping

Thank you for looking~
And again: Feel free to make offers, I can't do more than decline^^
And ask everything you want to know.

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