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DS: AP skirt price reduced, black Anna House bloomers

-My feedback is here.
-Shipping from NYC, price include shipping within the USA
-International Buyers welcome, just ask about shipping :3 (I ship Priority by default, but if you want it sent airmail or tracking/confirmation, let me know)

Angelic Pretty redxwhite polkadot skirt ((PRICE REDUCED))


Very good condition. I had purchased it secondhand, and it has a very light stain on the heart lace from the previous owner, hardly noticeable against the pattern.

With the shirring on the sides of the dress, I would say that the skirt will fit COMFORTABLY on a 29 - 29 1/2 inch waist max.

I'm hoping for around 150120 100 80 $70, including shipping, or best offer :3

Anna House bloomers in BLACK, size XL

I do not have a personal photo of these bloomers, but they're in brand new condition. I'm looking for $20 incl. shipping :3

This stuff needs a good home! Thanks~
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