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DS!: BL blouse, cake print skirt, cat present OP- SOLD!

Welcome to my sales!

Terms of sale:
-Paypal Only
-Selling ONLY to USA, sorry
-If you are interested, please comment, I may consider offers if you feel the price is not right.
-I ship from a home with a cat. Though she is not allowed in my closet and I do my best to be sure there is no hairs, I advise against buying, if you have cat allergies.
-I ship from a smoke free home.
-I have a feedback page on eglfeedback, although it is empty:
-I also have feedback on ebay:
-I'm not really interested in trades right now
-No holds
-Prices are in USD
-Prices include shipping with delivery confirmation
-Item goes to first person to provide paypal
-Questions are always welcome

On to the Sale!
My proof of ownership will be my cupcake

Please forgive my terribly messy room as I have only recently stopped being a lazy, sick invalid.

Bodyline Pink Blouse

Originally bought off the comm, without tags. It's in very good condition, I just never wore it, so I want to give it a new home where it can be used. It doesn't look like it has been worn at all. Size 4L, though no shirring at all.

Bodyline Offwhite Cat present OP
Here is a stock image for reference:

Here are mine:

This was bought by me off the Bodyline Website. It is now sold out in this size/color. BNWT. Size 2L. Website details: Bust 94-104cm, Waist 72-82cm. BNWT. I bought it for a friend who didn't want it, so I haven't even tried it on, only taken it out of the wrapping. There is, however an area of the sipper that looks like it wasn't finished being sewn, but there are no rips and it is easily mendable.


Bodyline Pink Cake Print Skirt

This was also bought off the website by me. BNWT. This skirt sold out a while ago. Full elastic waistband gives a good amount of room. Originally the website said the waist went up to 100cm, I believe. Worn indoors once. Perfect condition.

Thanks for looking! :)
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