chobits332 (chobits332) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: bustle skirt, socks

Hi again~

I recently found out I'm in love with bustle skirts. I'm more of a darker/gothic style so skirts that have alot of black are what I'm looking for. I prefer skirts that go a little above the knee rather than knee length. I'm also looking for over knee socks that are mostly black. If I see something I absolutely love then I'll most likely get it regardless of price but I'd prefer offbrand/indie since Youmacons coming up so I don't wanna spend too, too much. Last time I checked my waist was 76cm but I'll recheck when I find my measuring tape again xD

Thanks :D

Still desperate for that Rose Melody corset --->
Tags: !wtb, indie brand, offbrand

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