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AP jewelry and Swimmer jewelry, bloomers, goods!

1) Items being shipped from the USA. Prices are in USD.
2) Paypal preferred 
4) I reserve the right to not sell to those who have negative or no feedback. 
5)Feedback found on ebay under elerronyar29 (feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll), and etsy under elerronyar (www.etsy.com/people/elerronyar/feedback)
Also now available at my personal journal!elerronyar.livejournal.com/188997.html
And yet again available on the new feedback site- http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/189741.html
Details on feedback can be found on my personal journal, which people have recently been using.
6)**Please note*no haggling on shipping please....* 
Please also note- I'm only going to ship EMS to Italy. I expect buyers to cover shipping costs.

Do not send me PMs- I'm not getting notifications and rarely check.

If you absolutely must contact me outside of comments in this post, please email me at elerronyar AT gmail DOT com.

-I've looked over all pieces to make sure that they don't have any visible stains. So please buy with assurance :D

Shipping is included in price for MOST items FOR WITHIN THE USA.
INTERNATIONAL, please add $5 for small items, $10 for large items! If you want tracking it's significantly more (priority mail international)
Items are coming from Chicago, IL, USA.
Shipping usually is via airmail/first class- please note this is not tracked or insured. Please request if you want tracking or insurance as it will be extra.

I will ship within 10 days of purchase, no later.

Combined shipping available.

PLEASE fill out a form!

Preference for shipping (tracking? insurance?): 

***THIS will allow me to give you exact pricing on shipping right away AND ENSURES YOUR SPOT IN LINE :D ***
Please fill out this form even if you are unsure/have a question- as priority goes to those who fill out the form.

Layaway/payment plans is acceptable!
Please note I can deny layaway if you do not have feedback, so please provide feedback.
I require a 20% nonrefundable deposit. I also request that buyer is responsible f
or handling fees unless you are paying with a paypal balance/personal payment.

This post is updated regularly! If you see something you like,  please inquire and fill out a form- you will most likely get it!
REMEMBER- fill out a form :D

~*~ All orders get a free gift :D ~*~

~*~*~*~ Angelic Pretty ~*~*~*~

Angelic Pretty Mint Bangle
Worn once, in excellent condition
Asking price: $40 shipped.
$32 shipped

reposted after 4 weeks and reduced by 20%

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry bracelet
New-never worn

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry ring
New- never worn.
Asking price: $35 shipped

Butterfly metal ring
Excellent condition- gorgeous ring!
Asking price: $40 shipped.
$32 shipped

reposted after 4 weeks and reduced by 20%

With my kitty Penne

Angelic Pretty bow socks
Over the knee length, worn a few times. In good condition. Have been hand washed before posting here. Bottom of one foot is somewhat dirty even after being hand washed. Please see picture. The other is significantly better, shows some general wear. No holes in the socks. Please feel free to ask any other questions about the socks.
$30 shipped
$24 shipped
$19 shipped

20% reduction X 2! Reduced twice- final offer! 

~*~*~*~ Swimmer ~*~*~*~

Swimmer bow bloomers
New, never worn!
I have three of these! All are still available! 
waist- unstretched, flat 10". stretched, flat 22"
leg opening-
  un-stretched- flat 7".  stretched- flat 11"
$23 shipped
$18.40 shipped

reduced by 20%

Proof of three

Swimmer heart bloomers
New, never worn!
I have two pairs of these! Both are still available! 
Waist- unstretched, flat 10.5". stretched, flat 21"
leg opening
un-stretched- flat 8"
stretched- flat 12"

$23 shipped
$18.40 shipped each

reduced by 20%

Proof that I own two

Swimmer strawberry bloomers
New, never worn!
I have two of these! ONE is available!
Waist- unstretched, flat 11". stretched 21"
leg opening
un-stretched- flat 8"  stretched- flat 13"
$23 shipped
$18.40 shipped each

reduced by 20%

Proof I own two

Swimmer frill bloomers
New, never worn!
Have a frilly butt :P 
Waist, unstretched flat 10.5", stretched flat 21"
leg opening, unstretched flat 8", stretched flat 15.5"
$23 shipped
$18.40 shipped

reduced by 20%

Swimmer Star Necklaces

New! great with Milky Planet!!!
Previously sold a few and got good reception :D Selling the last few I have! 
$25 shipped
$20 shipped

20% reduction

Pink: Available
Blue: Available
White: SOLD

Old pic to show what they look like out of bag: 

Swimmer heart hair clip/brooch

Duo hair clip/brooch can be worn on the hair or on your clothes/accessories! 
Very Chocomint-esque! Works wonderfully with fairy-key!
$18 shipped
$14.40 shipped

reduced by 20%


Swimmer brooch/hair pin duo candy accessories
Double up as a brooch or a hair pin
Asking price: $20 shipped
$16 shipped

reposted after 4 weeks and reduced by 20%

Blue: Available
Pink: SOLD

Swimmer golden watch necklace
Gorgeous necklace from Swimmer that opens up into a watch.
Please note- this was purchased NEW but the clock DOES NOT work. It is probable that you can get this fixed, however it is being sold as an ornamental necklace piece and NOT a functional watch.
$25 shipped
$20 shipped

reduced by 20%

Swimmer tights- Poodles
Never used tights from Swimmer. Black/grey
$15 shipped
$12 shipped

reduced by 20%

Swimmer leggings- Card suits
Never used leggings from Swimmer. Black/grey.
$15 shipped
$12 shipped
reduced by 20%

Swimmer Pastel Shoelaces
110 cm long :D
Asking price: $17 shipped
$13.60 shipped

reposted after 4 weeks and reduced by 20%

Pink: Available
Purple: Available
Mint: Available

Swimmer Pocket Mirrors
Adorable mirrors from Swimmer. Cream one was only removed from plastic to take picture of the inside (see image link). Never used!
$8 shipped (each)
$6.40 shipped
reduced by 20%
Red sold, white available! 

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(total of four, short description of each link...sorry there are so many!)

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