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DS! Handmade jewelry and accessories

at the moment i have Nothing on my EGL feedback page BUT  i have 63 positive feedback available to see here's the link to my feed back page

I Accept PayPal  and i also accept money orders in The US Only
I Will Ship Out your order same day And OR next day
Shipping to the US is 1.90$
Shipping everywhere else is 4.00$

Mixed Ring Set 4$ each Only 1 & 4 availiable

~2~Flower Rings 6$ each #2 is GONE

 Huge Hello Kitty head rings 8$ each

Cake Rings 5.00$ each


Mirror Squshie Doughnut Necklace- placed onto a 22" chain dougnut Size approx: 6cm

cake stand Necklaces 16$ each 1. a super cute pink cake stand neckalce with a lemon cake placed on top then covered by a glass dome. its about 4" tall by 4". Its placed on a sterling silver white bead chain .


2. Cupcake stand ~a super duper cute Cupcake stand necklace . it stands about 4" tall and about 3" wide. The 5 colorful cupcakes are placed onto a white cake stand with heart embellishments. a glass dome is placed on top of the stand. the finished piece was placed onto a beaded chain that is 26" long. SOLD

Kawaii necklaces ~ 5$ each


luck packs! 15$ each Or 2 for 27$
This is a sweet treat lucky pack so it will be filled with sweet candy, cupcake, and all things Kawaii themed.
~What come in a lucky pack~

1 set of earrings
1 necklace Or 1 free size bracelet
1 phone strap or 2 hair bobby pins
2 adjustable rings
Example picture of what you could get:

Kawaii Tea Party Clip 4$


Peter Rabbits Garden Bracelet 10.00$

Candy Ring~5.00$

Winged Heart Earrings 5.50$

you can find more stuff on this post! including candy hair clips, giant lollipop necklaces, and moch more!

Thank you so much for looking! if you have any qustions feel free to ask!

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