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DS/DT: New BtSSB Heart Buckle Shoes WTB: Wristcuffs, bonnets,shoes/boots in size S/M and AatP prints


BNWoT White BtSSB Heart Buckle Shoes




Small scuff 1 Small scuff 2 Small scuff 3 Underside

These are the shoes I wore to model for Baby at Hyper Japan (worn here!). Unfortunately despite giving them my shoes size they brought size L, so they're too big for me! The KERA girls removed the tags in front of me and I only wore them for duration the event on Saturday. They have a few small scuffs as shown in the pictures above.

I'm looking to ideally trade these for some other shoes or solid-platform boots, size S or M, in white, black or brown. I will consider brand, or off brand! I will also take note of anyone interested in buying (the new cost of the shoes is £110) and put you in line for if I don't get any trade offers. EU preferred as shipping elsewhere is increasingly expensive.


I'm looking for:

- wristcuffs

- bonnets (particularly rose jail bonnet in white)

- pretty much any other recent AatP prints; St. Mephisto, Chain Bouquet OP (top of my list!) Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Rose Promise, Dream in a Midsummer Night, Masquerade Theater.

I'm in the UK, using paypal.

Thanks! :)
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