suri_gl (suri_gl) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS! : Bodyline Shoes, New and Sold out in Bodyline!


Hello everybody!! ^^

I have to sell these shoes because I ordered wrong size to me > <
They are bodyline shoes and this size is sold out in Bodyline!
I ask for the same value that it cost me.

I accept paypal and bank transfer if you are from Spain.
This is my feeback:
I can send overseas (if it is possible).
The price doesn´t  include shipping.

The stock photo:

My photo:

Condition: new (not wear).
Colour: White (off white exactly)
Size: 25.5 cm
Price: 34 euros


 If you need more pictures or have any question please tell me!


 Thanks for reading!!


Tags: !ds, bodyline

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