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DS: Hangry & Angry

Sale Matters:

+ Feedback on EGL (+21): Here
+ Supplementary Feedback: Here
+ I accept Paypal only.
+ No Holds.
+ I ship from Hawaii, USA via USPS.
+ Shipping isn't included.
+ I am not responsible for items once they leave my possession. I keep proof of all shipments.

Hangry & Angry Cutsew dress: $40 or make an offer ^^

Today I am selling an h.Naoto Hangry & Angry cutsew dress. It has several cutsew 'layers' appliqued with different colors, textures and prints which add depth and edge to this otherwise simple, staple piece. The front clawed pocket has a button in the shape of Hangry's head. There are claws on the back of the dress too.

Size is S/M. It is cutsew material, so it stretches of course, but best fit would be 34" bust and under, 30" waist and under. It is 33" long.

I never wore it, but I received it used. I removed as much pilling as I could and hand washed it. I would rate it 3/5, still lots of life left.

It is freshly cleaned- just hand washed, air dried and lint rolled last night. There are no faults to the print, stains, or tears.

I would also sell my kuro BTSSB Bunny Ear Bonnet. I love it to death but no longer own kuro jsks.

Wonderful condition and one of my favorite pieces. Not faded or damaged at all. Worn once um... last Halloween. XD Shows how little I actually use it, fufufufufufuf~

I paid $80 for it, please make me an offer.

Thanks for looking at my sale.

In addition to that, I would like to post... again, haha... that I am looking for Metamorphose's Nurse Set. I've been looking for over a year and will pretty much accept any version in any color.

I think there was a replica produced by a British company too. If you happen to have that I'd be interested, if only to keep me happy until I get the real Meta one. XD Thank you~
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