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DS: Melody Doll, Paris Window, Basket, Swimmer accessories and a REALLY OLD print!


Bow DS: Welcome, chilly weather! Bow

About Me

I live in Savannah, Georgia.
I can only cater to US buyers. Sorry ladies! :'C
Paypal transactions only, please!
The buyer who leaves their paypal address first is the one who is in line to buy it.
I'll send an invoice right away, but if it hasn't been paid promptly I'll sell to the next person in line.
Shipping isn't included, but I can tell you that very quickly. I prefer to insure the packages for both your and my safety. <3
Shipping is done through my school which is very safe and reliable. <3
Feel free to

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Hi ladies!
Happy fall, y'all! I have a few things that will help you get ready for the cooler weather to come, and some other little things <3

Bow Swimmer warm lavender muffler Bow

-Fluffy, fuzzy Swimmer muffler
-Sweet, soft lavender color
-Really adorable puff-balls at either end of the scarf
-Delightful black bow with sewn pearl accents at one end of the muffler
-I think this would look really adorable with Fantastic Dolly!
-There is a clip on the back to adjust the position of the muffler to your liking <3

47 USD

Bow Angelic Pretty Melody Doll Skirt Bow

-Such a soft, fleecy material! It will be so nice and warm during the fall and winter <3
-The skirt has been worn a few times, but there is no damage <3
-If there is any wear, It might be that there's a little pilling, because I have worn it a few times. Even so, I can't find it with my naked eye or my camera, so rest assured, you're fine!
-Really pretty, detailed print! Monochromatic, so you can mix any color you like with it! <3

180 USD

Bow Swimmer polkadot ankle-socks Bow

-Pristine condition. Never been worn!
-I would sell it in the package, but I accidentally tore the little plastic pouch while I took them out to take pictures. :'< Oops.
-So cute! I know that the little ankle socks are pretty popular recently! <3
-They seem to be a normal size made of nice, stretchy material. :3

21 USD

Bow Angelic Pretty original Strawberry Print skirt (2005) Bow

-Thick, heavy cotton with a smooth feel.
-Delicate strawberry print, not too bright or garish, just gentle and feminine.
-The skirt and the print especially is in pristine shape to be as old as it is.
-The only flaw is that the solid pink waist ties that should be with the skirt have always been missing.
-Sweet cotton lace accented with satiny, soft pink bows.

165 USD

Bow Swimmer cute poodle comb Bow

-Perfect condition, never used, just taken out of the package for pictures ;3
-Adorable glittery accents with a big beautiful pink jewel!
- Nice n' big! This isn't yo mama's dinky little comb. :P

21 USD

Bow Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris Window skirt in black Bow

-The skirt is in perfect condition, never been worn <3
-Gorgeous, elegant colorway, I haven't seen this one around the comm, just lilac and ivory.
-Absolutely beautiful, meticulously detailed print
-Sewn-in crinoline
-Beautiful scalloped flower lace

280 USD

Bow Swimmer woven baskets with white leather accents Bow

Adorable wicker basket with pristine white leather corners, cover, and straps <3
-The inside has a pocket and the fabric is a cute little print <3
-I've managed to keep the leather and inside lining in perfect condition,
but there is a little wear on a few of the metal bits. I have a photo to show that it isn't so bad at all <3

48 USD

Bow  Feel free to haggle! Please do! Or send me a PM! I'm willing to make cuts to see this stuff out <3 Bow 
Bow Thank you! Bow
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