Fishies G0 Pook (fishiesg0pook) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Fishies G0 Pook

WTB: All White Cheap Lolita Items

Feedback is HERE.

I'm looking for any of these items... I'd prefer shipping to be included plus tracking, and US sellers are preferred, but I am very flexible.

(A) White JSK or OP preferably, but I'd also consider a Skirt/Blouse. $20-50 USD
(B) White Headdress, Headbow, or Bonnet(Preferably a half bonnet) $10-15 USD
(C) White Shoes (Tea party, RHS, whatever) $20-30 USD

I'm looking for these in any style really, I'll take all offers into consideration, I'm going to be splattering it with red fabric paint for guro lolita. I would also prefer Bodyline or Offbrand or Handmade items, but if the brand is damaged, I'd love to take it off your hands!

My size measurements are
Bust - 35 inches
Waist - 27 inches
Shoe - 7.5 US (24cm, size L)

I'm also open to trades or partial trades, I have a few items up for grabs, I couldn't find my old sales post, this is a link to the same post on my journal... DS!/DT! - Secret Shop, Algonquins, Bodyline, Offbrand, Punk Rave

Thank you very much!
Tags: !wtb, bodyline, offbrand

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