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Massive sale! All dresses 90$! Everything must go!

Hi! I'm trying to get my plane ticket as soon as possible so I've added new things and I've lowered a lot of
the older items by more than 20% You are free to make me an offer but I've already lowered the prices of the older sales
as much as I can.

*I ship from Sweden, Europe
*Shipping is not included
*I usually ship within 2-3 weekdays after recieving payment.
*Measurements are taken flat, all measurements are MAX, they can all co smaller than that.
*I don't charge paypal fees.
*Payment by paypal unless you live in Sweden.
*All prices in USD



Meta Luckypack blouse
Very flexible due to back shirring and waist ties

Price: 50$

IW blouse
This beautiful blouse has been through quite a bit. There are very light pink stains on some parts of this blouse but it's hard to catch on cam. Also this was tried to be bleached away but the waist ties were forgotten so the waist ties are still off white while the blouse is pure white.

Max measurements: Bust 90cm & Waist 75cm

Price: 20$ OBO

Pinkhouse blouse
A lovely blouse in good condition from the first lolita brand! It's quite roomy but will look good on smaller lolitas as well :D

Max measurements: Bust & Waist 97cm



Meta blouse
In good condition, used only a few times. Sleeves are detatchable. Flexible sizing due to shirring.

Price: 65$


ETC Cutsew
Good condition, used a couple of times, minimal piling.The back has two pearl buttons in the neck and
the ribbons in front are detachable.

Max measurements: Bust: 84cm & Waist: 80cm Arms are 56cm long.

Price: 45$

Milk Sailor Cutsew
Good condition, used a few times.

Max measurements: Bust: 88cm & Waist 74cm.

Price: 15$


ETC flower garden skirt
Lovely skirt, used but I haven't found any stains or breakage in the fabric.

Waist: max 72cm, partially elasticised waist.

Price: 90$ 60$


VM Velvet Skirt
Lovely skirt in great condition except for the zipper which needs to be changed,
Skirt featurers a corset boned waist with corset lacing.
Recomended waist is around 70cm, can be made smaller :D

Price: 90$ 60$

Handmade Polka dot skirt
Handmade skirt by me some time ago, new and unworn but is not perfect. Seams are zigzagged and the waist is half elastic, no zipper is needed! :D

Waist: Around 70cm up and down a bit due to the elastic.

Price: 40$ Now: 20$



VM Overdress
Used in good condition, no visible flaws
Both waist ties and corset ties
Recomend max waist 72 bust 88

Price: 700SEK OBO 500SEK / 75USD NOW 45$

MAM Velvet JSK
Used but in good condition.
Corset boned bust, detachable waist ties
Recomend max bust 92 waist is high so quite free

Price: 1000SEK OBO 800SEK / 120USD NOW 90$

ETC Ballerina Dress
Recomended max waist 72 bust 88

Price: 1000SEK OBO 800SEK / 120USD NOW 90$

IW Brown JSK
Flawless condition
Thick thick twill fabric, still lined though.
Shirred back, recomended max waist 72 bust 88 MAX MAX is 74 waist, 93 bust.

Price 1000SEK OBO 800SEK / 120USD NOW 90$

IW Lacey JSK
Barely used condition
Shirred back and waist ties
Recomended max waist 74cm bust 92cm

Price: 1000SEK OBO 800SEK / 120USD NOW 90$


Red Swimmer Bag, used once.

Price: 40$


Jesus Diamante Bag
Great condition, has almost exclusively spent it's time in the bag it came in.

Price: 110$ OBO


ETC Shoes

Lovely almost coral pink shoes from ETC
Size 24.5 but there is a lot of toe room so if you have larger feet but slender these will probably fit you as well.
They are well used but no real scuff marks what I can see and they have been re-heeled.

Price: 45$



Coat from Baby the stars shine bright
Very good condition, used.
Stretchy material, please note this isn't suitable for really cold weather, I have worn this as a winter coat with a thick sweater underneath but it's probably suited better as an autumn coat :D
Max waist 80 bust 100, might be able to go a bit larger though.. also fits smaller people of course!

Price: 1200SEK 1000SEK/ 150USD NOW 120$


All new wig. Ok quality, has no skin top but is thick on the top of the head.
As you can see by pic it becomes thinner further down. A very cute wig!

Price: 15$

Clip on bangs, used once but then washed properly!
A bit shiny but it's easily solved with some baby powder or cornstarch.

Price: 4$

Thank you very much!

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute, handmade, heart e, innocent world, maxicimam, metamorphose, offbrand, swimmer, victorian maiden

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