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DA: Lots of Gothic Lolita Brand!!

- My housemate has a cat. I keep him out of my room and will lint-roll my clothes before sending out but please be wary that I may accidently miss some if you have allergies.
- All prices are in AUD, and are not inclusive of shipping. Please leave your location if you're inquiring about shipping and I will give you a quote.
- Items will be shipped once money has transferred into my bank account.
- PayPal and bank deposit only (bank deposit only if you're within Australia)
- PayPal fees are included in the price.
- All measurements are amateur.
- All items are cleaned before being sent out.
- Invoices must be paid within one day unless something else is arranged. If you commit to buy something and ignore the invoice, I will leave neutral or negative feedback, depending on the situation.
- I live in Brisbane so if you want to do a pickup in Brisbane City that is fine with me. I frequent the city 6 days a week D:
Here is my feedback

Hi there, just linking to an Auction I put up. I am selling lots of different items. Please have a look and PM me if you have any questions.

CHECK IT OUT!  PS: The auctions end in 5 days: 12/10/10

Items for Auction:

Atelier Pierrot Blouse: Starting Bid $50.00 AUD

Bodyline Alice Skirt: Staring Bid $25.00 AUD

Black Peace Now Blouse: Starting Bid $55 AUD

Jane Marple Skirt: Starting Bid $40 AUD

Miho Matsuda Skirt: Starting Bid $50 AUD

Black Peace Now Bolero: Starting Bid $80 AUD

Liz Lisa Bolero: Starting Bid $40 AUD

Underground Shoes: Starting Bid $90 AUD

Please let me know if you have any questions Via Ebay or on here!

Thanks for looking :)
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