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EA: LAST DAY! NO BIDS YET! Price reduced: BTSSB Dress, BTSSB socks NEW and Cyperous wig.

EA: BTSSB Rare Upper dess, BTSSB new Socks and Cyperous Wig

Hello everyone^^

- I ship from France
-I sell thoses items on ebay because I realy need some money and it's too sad to keep thoses item in my closet.
- I have a cat but I do what I can so that there isn't any hair on my lolita clothes

- My feedback:

PS about the BTSSB Upper dess: I buyed it for 450euros in BTSSB Paris.
I put the price 3times Down=> 350euros, 250euros and now 150euros.
I can't put it lower because I'm allready loosing a lot of money for a dress who is "like new". (-75% off)
Thank you for understanding that in europe, taxes are higher and that we can't sell stuff at the american or japanese prices.



BTSSB rare shiro hime upper dress:

Cyperous light brown Wig:

BTSSB Roses heart socks (NEW):

Thank you and happy bidding!

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