nanasweetloli (nanasweetloli) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTT/WTB: Toy Parade Set


i have a black toy parade skirt set that i would like to trade for the white jsk.
i have good feedback too.

my toy parade is Brand new never worn it still has its tags on.

im not interested in selling it but if youre interested pm me and i'll tell you what im asking for it.

if i cant find someone to trade their Jsk w/ me i am willing to buy it from someone too.

i do have a budget my limit would be 650usd... i really want to have this dress so please help me to obtain it.
i have the skirt, parka, and mint+white socks.

my photo's

my photo of the Parka.

The Skirt its never been worn still has tags on it.

i dont have a picture of the socks yet but i will provide a picture soon.

i want to trade or buy the white jsk.



Tags: angelic pretty

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