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~DS!~ Candy Hair Bows And HandMade accessories

 Hello! this is my first post for my jewelry on here im so excited to see what happens! at the moment i have Nothing on my EGL feedback page BUT  i have 63 positive feedback available to see here's the link to my feed back page (:

I Accept PayPal  and i also accept money orders in The US Only
I Will Ship Out your order same day And OR next day
Shipping to the US is 1.90$
Shipping everywhere else is 4.00$

Candy Hair Clips 1,3,2 are SOLD
1 pair-6.50$
1 clip 3.50$

Giant Lollipop necklaces
1. 10.00$ Handmade from polymer clay  Placed onto a 20" colored chain

2. 9.00$ Handmade from polymer clay and coated with a light coat of glitter for extra amazing-ness placed onto a 20" lavender chain

3. 15.00$ This lollipop has a clip on the back to be worn as a hair piece as well as a necklace. Handmade from polymer clay


Sweet Cupcake Ring 5.00$ placed ont an adjustable pink Ring base Cupcake is 30mm Big

Lollipop cell Phone charms 3.00$ lollipop is approximately 2" big

~5~ Lollipop Bobby Pins 2.50$SOLD

~6~ Ring 10$ placed on to a pink filigree Ring Base 


~8~ Giant Bow Rings 7.00s each or 12$ for both. both on silver plated Adjustable ring Bases


~10~ Rose Ring a gorgeous purple Rose Placed onto a Pink Filigree Ring Base 6$ SOLD

~11~ Pink Heart Necklace Placed onto 20" pink Plastic Chain 10$


Thank you so much for looking<33

Tags: handmade

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