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DS: Closet cleaning (BTSSB, AATP, MmM, ETC - Dresses & Bags)


I'm selling all my lolita items because I can't use them as much as I would like to. All my items are in perfect condition, I didn't wear some of my dresses, the same for the bags.

This is my first time selling lolita items overseas, but I have a lot of experiencies and feedback selling Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD). Please, take a look at my feedback.


x No holds for more than three days
x No trades
x Priority goes to those in Spain or Europe and can pay immediately.

x I ship from Spain, Europe
x I ship worldwide
x I only ship by registered mail (airmail, EMS...)
x I don´t mark an item as a gift
x I don´t lower the value of a package
x But if you want me to, I am not responsible for lost or damaged package
x Shipping cost will be calculated later (please, tell me your country)

x You can pay by Paypal
x If you pay by Paypal, you pay the fees
x Si eres de España: sólo acepto pagos mediante transferencia bancaria a mi cuenta de La Caixa

Please tell me if you'd like more detailed pictures if you are really interested in the item!


Moi-meme-Moitie --- HOLD (senyo91)
Floral Lace Dress OP

[ Price ] 180€
[ Size ] Max. 96cm for bust & waist (it has shirring at the back)
[ Condition ] Perfect, never been dressed by me. The waist tie looks weird in the photo but it's in perfect condition, I'm sorry but I didn't want to make a ribbon at the back so it was difficult to place the tie, that's why it looks weird.
[ About ] Elegant and sofisticated dress with velvet and a delicate skirt with floral print/lace. One of the most amazing dresses I've never seen, the skirt composition is awesome. The floral print is done in a lace fabric very unique. Flowers are in blue/pink/violet tones.


Alice & the Pirates (BTSSB)
Jewelry Print Chiffon JSK

[ Price ] 150€
[ Size ] Length (86cm-110cm), Bust (88cm), Waist (77cm)
[ Condition ] Perfect, dressed just once. Please, look at the stock photo links because my photo looks horrible! But the condition is just perfect.
[ About ] I was really impressed when I received this dress. The fabric is soft and delicate, one of the most amazing dresses I've weared (I love the asymmetric skirt). It has a jewelry chain over the chest.


Baby, the stars shine bright
Gingham Rose Ribbon OP

[ Price ] 90
[ Size ] Bust (88~90cm max), Waist (80cm max), Lenght (86cm).
[ Condition ] Perfect, BRAND NEW, never been dressed and I bought it directly from the shop.Hung in my closet ever since I received it under its plastic cover. I've never done the ribbons!
[ About ] The floral print is lovely. It has detachable sleeves, you can see in the picture the sleeve on and off. It has waist ties.


Baby, the stars shine bright HOLD (biscuitchan)
Tartan JSK
(original design used in Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze girls)

[ Price ] 60€
[ Size ] Bust (90cm max), Waist (75cm max), Length (89cm).
[ Condition ] Bought at Y!J but used just once for me.
[ About ] Famous tartan dress, this is one of the first design of this kind of dress, the one used by Momoko at the film "Shimotsuma Monogatari/Kamikaze girls"



Moi-meme-Moitie --- HOLD (roozu_chan)
Authentic Bat Bag

[ Price ] 150€
[ Condition ] Perfect! Never been used by me, it's been always inside my closet. I've bought it from Y!J in perfect condition.
[ About ] The most famouse bag ever, this is the authentic one. It breaks my heart to sell it because it's my most precious item from my collection. But I don't use it at all so I prefer to sell it. You can see it at the official website (179€)


Baby, the stars shine bright --- HOLD (senyo91)
Heart Bag

[ Price ] 95€
[ Condition ] Perfect! Never been used by me. It's second hand but its condition is perfect.
[ About ] A classic bag from BTSSB in BlackxWhite. It comes with the shoulder strap.


Emily Temple Cute (ETC)
Dot Bag

[ Price ] 70€
[ Condition ] Perfect! Never been used by me. I bought it directly from MARUIONE online shop.
[ About ] Cute and femenine bag from ETC. Black with white dots.


Emily Temple Cute (ETC)
Ribbon Bag

[ Price ] 55€
[ Condition ] Perfect! Used two times.
[ About ] Cute bag from ETC in black & pink details. Inside is full of pink dots.

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