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DS Baby lucky pack boots, IW shirt, off brand

* I have cats and dogs but they aren't allowed near my clothes but beware
* all prices are listed in USD
*once an item leaves my hands it is not my responsiblity
*feel free to ask for more pictures
*paypal fees are not included in my price they will be added on
* I'm open to offers and trades but please be reasonable
* my feedback can be found here and here


So I got one of the Baby San Fran lucky packs from late last month. Unfortunately the boots are just a tad to small for me. I'm looking to trade these for the same boots in an L or any other pair of black brand boots. If you just want to buy them I'm looking for

waist 28 max can go smaller do to waist ties (removable)
arm hole 11 inches max
the color is a very light pink and the ribbon is a dark brown

I also got this shirt in the last IW lucky pack. It fits my waist perfectly except the arm holes were too small. I kept it hoping that when i was losing weight it would fit better. However it hasn't happened yet (lost it elsewhere doh!)and so it's time to let in go

I got this choker for a gothic outfit to see if I liked the style. ANd while it was gorgeous dress and chocker it really wasn't me.
$ 12
I also have other body line and off brand stuff that I'm selling here
Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, innocent world, offbrand

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