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!DS&Updates: Angelic Pretty, Custom House, Secret Shop, Infanta, Dear Celine, Dream of Lolita

Feedback on eglfeedback in here.

Angelic Pretty

3rd Stock of the (authentic)Angelic Pretty Shoes has come in. They are still available in full size and full colour(expect pink size S) right now.
*We do not ship the Angelic Pretty shoes to Japan/Hongkong/Macao

Custom House

A new warmer fluffy lining material for calfskin leather boots will be available very soon. Right now, lining is available in velveteen and calfskin leather. You may want to have the boots made in a single colour as it will be easier to polish and wax that way.

Secret Shop

New stock of quite a few shoes and boots has come in. All stock conditions on the page are 100% correct, so feel free to order.
2nd stock of Secret Shop Boots Model 9202 has come in.

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9817

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9830

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9809 is now available in Lavender size L and Mint size L

Secret Shop will also release a new model of boots later this year(You can look at the pics on the AP Japanese site for now). And also, the sample shoes(PU, not real leather) of the Emily Temple Cute shoes have been made, so hopefully the pre-order will be open soon...

Secret Shop Socks
New socks and colours are now available.
Shipping is $3.5 for 1 pair, $5 for 2 pairs, $7 for 3 pairs, $10 for 5 pairs, $15 for $10 pairs...

Kidsyoyo GO Reminder - click here for more details

I will be closing the GO around 8th - 10th this month. You can purchase the coat alone. All accessories are optional. The coat will need about 1 month to manufacture.
Shipping of the Coat Set(standard sizing) is:

<Contact me for shipping cost if you're only purchasing the coat alone. There are also cheaper shipping methods for the Set.>
- Australia, New Zealand
EMS/Express: US$32.00
EMS/Express: US$38.00
- Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Luxembourg
EMS/Express: US$39.00
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico,
Russia, Czech, Ukraine, Croatia
EMS/Express: US$:50.00



Infanta Emperor and Nightingale JSK is now available in red, with 2 bird cages embroidered, no bustle!

Infanta Sweet Cherry One Piece


Dear Celine

Dear Celine Victorian Striped High Collar Blouse

Dear Celine Sweet Poodle and Bow JSK

Dear Celine AP Style Dot Ribbon JSK

Dream of Lolita

Dream of Lolita Black Spade Bag

Dream of Lolita Pretty Ribbon Bag

Dream of Lolita Bunny Bow Bag

Any questions, feel free to ask in either here or please use the Contact Form and I will reply shortly. To make an order, for now please download/fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot]com.
If you need a package to reach you before/by a certain date, please let me know the deadline in both email and Order Form. Thanks.
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