Tande (elysiumtan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes

^My feedback.

I am looking for shoes!  I'm not too picky on what I need but here's a few stats:
I wear 24.5, or size 9 in women's USA.
I am not too picky on type, but I prefer ones with heels (i am rather short) or even rocking horse.  Boots are needed too.  (if anyone has any white cowboy boots sitting around in my size...haha, I'd love those.  I love 'em.  Hell, any lolita-ish cowboy boots.)
They need to be white - preferably off white or a matte white.  Other color needed is sax.
I am looking to spend <70 dollars total, so non-burando is not an issue.

I will be gone until later tonite, so don't expect an answer from me until around 9:30 CST. 
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