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emily temple cute cutsew, shoes, cardigans, dresses, jewelry!

★ I accept Paypal.
★ Shipping not included in prices. $6 within the US, $12 outside of the US. Add $2 for shoes. Ask about shipping prices for jewelry/headbands.
★ No holds, as I have had bad experiences.
Priority is given to buyers who are interested in buying multiple items.

★ My egl feedback page is here:

Present Box Cutsew
by Emily Temple Cute
I am the second owner. It has been worn once by me.
For trade or best offer. In good condition.
$35 or best offer.

Thumbelina Dress
By BB Dakota
Size SM.
Worn only to try on.
Has a built in petticoat that is very strong and thick--but the dress feels light!
$40. I had originally spent $80 on it.

Click for a photo of it worn!

Elegant Fold Over Boots
By Urban Outfitters
Size 6.
Worn only to try on.
♥ $40--they were $55 but they're just too big for me! The photo doesn't do them justice. I loved them so much that I didn't bother returning but because of the size I just never wear them and I really need the money right now. :<

♥ Cream Lace Cardigan
By Forever 21
Size SM.
Worn only to try on.
♥ $15


♥ Lolita Saddle Shoes

By Urban Outfitters
Size 6.
Worn once for a walk in the woods (where the pic was taken :p)
♥ $35
I adore these, the leather is super soft and they're so super classic--but I never wear them because they're too big for me!
Click to see them worn!

♥ Pink Ribbon Headband
By Zipia
One size.
Worn once to work.
♥ $7, $6 if bought with something else!

♥ Handmade Blue Icecream Cameo Set
By SickeninglySweet
One size.
Worn a few times but in perfect condition. Earrings have never been worn.
♥ $30
Great quality! Made with Swarvoski crystals. Lovely details. Smells great. (weird, but true!) So incredibly adorable but I don't wear sweets stuff anymore. ;_;

Thank you!
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