sugacandy (tsukiko_ai) (sugacandy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
sugacandy (tsukiko_ai)

WTB! Angelic Pretty otk socks and pink head bow!!! FOUND THANKS!


i need a pair of otk Ap socks and a pink headbow by the 20th October, can you help?

I would really like angel pony socks but any similar styles in sax or pink is fine.
Used is o.k with me but NO replicas please. 

Here is an idea of what i am looking for

The Headbow can be from a lucky pack or with an AP logo but plain pink please. The bow can be centered or to the side but just Angelic Pretty please again no replicas. Thanks!

Here is a link to another photo of the kind of style i am looking for

I am in France and pay by paypal. my feedback is here

If you have any for sale please let me know :D
Thank you! 

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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