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DS: Angelic Pretty Melody bag, off-brand parasol, Homemade: Wa-loli set, crown, coffee one piece

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            I'm located in the USA
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Angelic Pretty Melody Bag

Description: Sold as is. Maybe somebody out there could do something to fix it for themselves. There are scuffs on the front and back, 1 of the handles is loose, and the zipper pull came off (you can easily put on a different zipper pull though).
Asking price: $30

Homemade Wa-loli outfit with matching headbow.

Details: I've only worn it once to a meetup. Nice cluny lace is used to edge the skirt and the sleeve openings. Top closes with a safety pin and ends a little past the bust. Will fit up to 34" bust. Skirt is elasticated and will fit a 28" waist. Petticoat can be worn underneath. Obi closes at back with velcro. 
Asking price: $65

Homemade (not by me) crown

Details: Very pretty! The pearls are opalescent and shine rainbow colors when in the light. 
Asking price: $30

Purple parasol

Asking price: $35

Homemade coffee lolita dress


Details: Fully lined. Will fit up to 34" bust and 29" waist. Closes at the side with a zipper. There's a small tear on the side as indicated in picture above. 
Asking price: $55

Thanks for looking! :)
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