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DS! All Brand New In Packaging! Mostly Socks!

 Hullo Thur!

Terms of Sale:
  • Everything goes to the first person who leaves their paypal and is willing to pay full price
  • Worldwide shipping is included :D!
  • Trades are accepted, just ask! : )
  • I use XE to convert prices
  • I am not responsible for anything lost in transit

Feedback page:
EBay feedback:

Bodyline Brown Macaron Skirt - SOLD!

Size M. Accidentally bought two these. The one you'll receive is brand new in packet. Very nice quality, trimmed with nice tulle lace and one of the cutest macaron prints I've seen X3! Come with detachable bow and waist-ties. Soft elastic so can fit a variety of sizes.

Blue Bodyline Bow KH Socks-  £6 inc ww shipping

Nice socks, brand quality! Yours will be brand new in bag

Cream Floral KH Socks-  £6 inc ww shipping

Cute floral socks! Perfect for classic and mori inspired co-ords. I have another pair I wear often because they stay up so well XD.

Innocent World Socks- £12 shipped

Brand new, never taken out their bag. 'Cause I've never taken them out I'm not sure if they're OTK or KH, I'd guess KH.

Thanks and I hope you see something you like! :D
Tags: !ds, bodyline, innocent world

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