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US Online shop & In-store Shopping Service


Hello! I never thought that there would be much of a demand for US shopping services until I started to notice that from time to time, someone will post to EGLsales actually looking for a US shopping service. I've offered a shopping service for about a year now and I've done hundreds of transactions on EGLsales so I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know in a more public forum than just having it in my journal for people to stumble upon by chance.

Services offered

Online shops
In store

Commission Fees:

Auctions, online shops and catalogs are a flat fee of 10% with a minimum service fee of $7

In-Store fee schedule: The rate goes down as your order total goes up and I do not have a separate cost for transportation
    Minimum service fee of $9
     31- $200: 20%
    $200 or more: 10% for in-store purchases, no additional fee charged for gas if the shop is within a 20 mile radius of zip code 35749, otherwise, I will ask for $3 for gas.
10% for online purchases, auctions or catalog purchases

Payment Options and Fees:

I take Paypal, Amazon Payments and money orders. For paypal, there is a 4% international fee.

How to order:

1. Send me a PM using this form:
     LJ Name:
     First/Last Name:
     Shipping Address:
     Email address:
     Paypal Address if different from email:
     Links of stuff you want along with color and size:
3. I make an invoice for you and send it.
4. You pay for the items & SS fee.
5. I send your items.


    2. Invoiced: 4% International, US 3%
    Personal payment: No paypal fee (To pay with personal payment, click the personal tab, and send as gift or payment owed)
3. International rates: I ship using first class international with registered mail service or EMS. Use this to calculate postage.
4. In the event that they don't have your item in stock, I ship your other items, and refund you for whatever was out of stock.

If you have any questions, ask them here on this post. To order, send me a PM. Thanks, and happy shopping!

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