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DS/DT: Btssb Cardigan, Bag, Socks, Usakumya strap, poodle purse & much more^^

Feedback can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/729197.html

(!) Pls click the picture, if you want to get a larger image ^^
(!) I will ship worldwide and I'll accept payments through Paypal or regular bank money transfer (within Europe), shipping is NOT included so far - pls contact me for any info on shipping rates etc.
(!) I am open for (partial) trades
(!) First Lolita clearly committing to buy and leaving her Paypal will get the item ^-^

My little Baby doll will act as proof again...♥

Btssb Cardigan, new & unworn, offwhite/creme coloured, measurements: bust width 43 cm, waist width 33 cm, arm lenght 56 cm, total length 52 cm, it can stretch quite a lot (about 10 cm width!), awesome & very smooth material, $ 49 Sold to duplica_chan

matching Btssb knee-high Socks, offwhite/creme coloured, new & unworn, $ 20

Btssb Usakumya plus strap/keychain, new & unused, $ 15 Sold to lisalemaire

Btssb Poodle Tote Bag, lightblue version, new & unused, $ 25

Btssb Plush Poodle Purse, lightblue version, it's so adorable - but I don't think I'll ever use this cutie to carrie around my make up & stuff. I'm the 2nd owner and it has not been used by it's previous owner, condition is excellent, $ 30

Bodyline Black Heartbuckle Shoes, size 26.0 (EU 40/41), way too large for me ;__;, very good condition, $ 35 Sold to xgeekxstarx

offbrand black velvet shoes, really beautiful but unfortunetely they are a bit to large for me, size is a EU 40 and they should perfectly fit a size 40, $ 20 full trade with spinel_lady

offbrand fake fur cape, free size $ 15 Sold to xgeekxstarx

Angelic Pretty limited Edt. plush Bunny, No. 200 out of 400, pink version, about 37 cm tall, $ 59 $ 47 Sold to densetsu_doll

Metamorphose Skirt, colour is creme/ivory with cute red polka dots & small ribbons, the seam closes with lace, really beautiful piece, bought used on closetchild but never worn by myself, excellent condition, $ 60 $ 48

Metamorphose Cherry Gingham beret, size: 55 cm, very good condition, $ 30 $ 24 Sold to mitsughan

Metamorphose Harajuku plush bear keychain, about 15 x 8 cm tall, very good condition, $ 25 $ 20

MILK "Heat up" OP/dress, measurements/width: shoulder=14,35" (36,5 cm), bust=16,9" (43 cm), waist=29,09" (74 cm) and total length=30,65" (78 cm), $ 59 $ 47

If you have any questions, pls feel free to PM me.♥

Older sales can be found here:
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