Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Looking for my SS


I shopping in the auctions quitea bit and i had a gir who was my usual shopping service and whom i worked with for over an year and never had problems with. She had to stop doing SS due to some health issues and said she was going to have to stay at the hospitall in the summer vacations. This was the last contact i heard from her, on Agust 8th, i has been almost 2 months now.

As much as i'm worried with her and this is a very delicate situation and i don't want to look cold and mean she but still has more than 300$ worth items from me and i'm kinda worried if i'll ever seem them again, not much the money but the items since it was something i really was looking foward to have... She mantained contact with me and i know she recieved all the items since she said so and also told me she was going to try to ship them out before going to hospital so i really found it wiered cause she probably had everything packed up she could had ask someone of her trust to send it...

So, the summer vacations are long over and no replys to any e-mails on any other contact from her so i was hoping someone in the comunity knows her and can tell me how she is... Her name is Yamaguchi Mami, she used to do instore and auctions SS with 10% fee, i am hoping someone else had her as SS or if someone knows her personaly or mantains any kind of personal contact with her...

If you know anything of her please let me know,

Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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