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DS: VM skirt, BPN skirt

FOR SALE: Reposted (after 4 weeks ago)

I've sold, joined a GO, and bought through EGL before ,but haven't received any feedback from the buyer and the GO leader. .
Anyways, if you are hesitant, I'm also on ebay and DOA. My ebay feedback:
feedback AND my DOA feedback: feedback

Location: in VA, USA
Currency: US dollars.
Shipping via USPS: 1st class, priorioty, with or without insurance and other extras; at the buyers request.
International shipping: can do.

Payment method: Paypal
Open to serious offers.

I'm not accepting trades at the moment.
I'm 32-26-35, if that helps you decide.

All items are obviously not refundable, I'm not a chain store; please chose your shipping method per your best judgement. If it gets lost or damaged from the shipping and you didn't have shipping insurance, it will be at your own risk.

Note: It has also come to my attention that expectations and descriptions of items needs to be explained. I am not able to catch and describe very piece of clothing down to the folds and lace. So it like the black fabric that is seen used in one store can be diffferent in color/tone to another black fabric. I will describe these fabrics as black. Please keep expectations in check when items come from second hand shops, not everything is perfect. I'm not able to catch a problem if I don't search for it. And I might deem something important and you might not, and vice versus. If you are unsure about a product, please ask.

And now on to the items!

Victorian Maiden Skirt: Charlotte Mermaid Black Skirt
Size: According to VM website: waist 64.5 & hip 93cm
Condition: New, with tag, hanger, and plastic wrap. Direct from VM. 
VM's picture from their website:
Asking: $215$172 (not including shipping)

H.Naoto Blood Dress/OP
condition: Bought through Closet Child (from second hand store). It has been brought to my attention that pilling is a form of flaw, and yes there is some pilling on this dress. And two threads from the back skirt-bodice have unraveled, which need to be fixed. Any further unraveling there might be detachment. The dress came with both "flaws" from Closet Child.  
Size: It's bigger on me, when lay flat measuring: bust 37cm & waist area 39cm
The material is stretchy.
Pictured below is the front and the back, which has a cool butterfly detail!
Asking: $49, $39 (not including shipping) I'm willing to negotiate the price of this piece due to these "flaws"

Black Peace Now Black with White folds Skirt
Condition:Bought through Closet Child (from second hand store)
It's a bit tight around the waist for me, hip and length are good though.
Size: When lay flat measuring: waist 32cm. Inside tag says: M.
Asking: $60, $48 (not including shipping)

Thanks for viewing!!!

Tags: !ds, black peace now, h.naoto, victorian maiden

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