Nymia_san (nymia_san) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Inocent World Shoes


i'm selling this lovely shoes because they are a bit tight on me and i found the size above. They are in really good condition, i worn them twice they have almost no marks of wear and even the sole is in preety good condition. i bought them prink and sent them to a professional to dye them black. the work was really well done, you can only see some pink spots under the ruffles and they're really small in the "deeper part", basicly you can only notice they were pink if you're really looking for it. I took the picture today so as you can see they're in really good condition.

Size: M - insole measures 23cm
price: 60€ + shipping (what the ones i'm buying cost me)

I have +12 positive feedback in the new dbs

- No one in my house smokes
- I have a cat but it never has been even near this items since i'm in another house and they have been dry cleaned
- For sales i take paypal and european bank transfer. the buyer pays the fees.
- i do not take responsability for lost items if the buyer doesn't ask for registred shipping
- the prices do not include shipping
- i'm not intrested in trades right now
Tags: !ds, innocent world

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